Upcoming Meetings

May 1 EG CERT Community Meeting:
Ready – Set – Go

* Multiple plans pending scenario
* Tsunami evacuation
* Fires – notifications on Genasys/ZoneHaven Protect site
* Earthquake

May 11: Upper El Granada Evacuation Fire Drill

We’ll be posting the details as the dates get closer.

We are a community of El Granada neighbors, in connection with Coastside CERT, organizing to help each other stay safe in our neighborhood in the event of an emergency.

Coastside CERT is an emergency preparedness volunteer organization focused on creating a ready and resilient community along the San Mateo County Coastside. You can sign up on the website to join and get updates and safety information, and learn about classes.

El Granada CERT, (or EG CERT) is one of the 32 neighborhood teams that make up Coastside CERT. Find out more at Participating in EG CERT.

Participating in EG CERT

Sign up to get our mailings, announcements, and meeting invitations — and to let use know a little about you!

Zone Map. In order for our EG CERT volunteers to serve our neighborhood, we’ve organized our selves into nine zones.

EG CERT Block Captains.
As a Block Captain you can help keep yourself, your family, and your neighborhood safe during an emergency.

Coastside CERT FRS Frequency Band Plan

EG CERT 3-Fold Handout. This is the EG CERT handout for Zone Leads and Block Captains to use when reaching out to neighbors to provide basic information about Coastside CERT and EG CERT. You can print this yourself (2-sided printing) or request copies from the EG CERT team.

More about Coastside & EG CERT. Learn more about Coastside CERT and our local EG CERT neighborhood organization.