Dec. 12, 2021 EG CERT Cafe


Zonehaven: A resource for tracking the emergency status of where we live when we are threatened with wildfire, earthquakes, etc. El Granada is divided into two Zones: SMC E092 and SMC E067.

Defensible Space Assistance: To get assistance in determining what you need to do to make your house and property as safe as possible from wildfires, you can call the Coastside Fire Protection District at 650-726-5213.

From Cynthia Sherrill:
Yosemite West – A Case Study for the RCD El Granada Wildfire Prevention Scoping Project
A great resource for understanding community preparation to deal with wildfires.


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  1. To add to Zonehaven: El Granada’s 2 zones are split at Ave Portola. North zone includes Clipper Ridge. South zone includes Miramar. Zonehaven also calculates number of houses and cars and monitors for egress in an emergency to aid in traffic control.

    Defensible Space Assistance: Fire Marshal has a map of every property with overlays of fire severity. If concerned about neighboring properties, CFPD should be contacted at 650-726-5213.

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