Storm Watch

EG CERT Volunteers & Neighbors: If you’d like to be on our Storm Watch text list, please sign up here.

We use this SMS texting list to keep each other updated “real-time” during storms and other emergencies that are affecting us in El Granada. Past experience has shown that it works even when internet and phone service are down.

  • It is compatible with all smart phones, including iPhones and Android phones.
  • We can use it to communicate when internet connections are down.
  • Because text uses less data than voice, we can often get through on this list even when phone service isn’t working.
  • Our list is powered by Microsoft GroupMe. But you don’t need to join GroupMe in order to participate. In fact, it’s much easier not to.
  • Depending on your cellar service plan, you may be charged for texts that exceed the limit on your plan.

After you sign up, we’ll get back to you with an invite to join Storm Watch 9. (Please give us a day or two for this.) You should receive a text that looks something like this:

The easiest way to join the Storm Watch list is to ignore the GroupMe links and simply reply to the text with a brief message. Your reply will be seen by other members of the list. Once you’ve replied, you’ll be on the list!

Since we’ll each be receiving every text that goes out, the guidelines are:  1) Keep it relevant. 2) Keep it brief.

To sign up for Storm Watch, contact us.